Vehicle Protection

Dynamit Nobel Defence

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) provides customized solutions and protection concepts for any kind of combat vehicle. Our core competence lies in the field for Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) that can be designed as add-on solutions within a modernization program of an existing combat vehicle, or as well as a part of the concept of a newly developed military vehicle.

DND ERA concepts build on the vehicle’s existing armor and use additional passive elements. High quality ballistic fiber material and extremely insensitive explosives are being used. Weight reduction of up to 80% compared to pure passive protection concepts can be achieved. Via industrial partnerships and with consolidated expertise in other areas of vehicle protection, DND is able to develop, test and manufacture protection solutions for different platforms.

Today, DND’s protection kits are fielded and combat-proven on infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and main battle tanks for national and international customers. Additionally, several concepts of alternative uses for ERA (including commercial uses) have been developed.