Military Fire Protection

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) offers customised, fully integrated fire protection systems and solutions for all types of combat and command vehicles. Our core competences lie in the field of engine compartment extinguishing (Fire Extinguishing System for engine, hydraulic, APU / battery compartments).

A fire in the engine and power unit compartment can have many causes. However, the most common cause is a damage to the fuel pipe. Leaking fuel (diesel/oil) hits hot components such as the turbocharger or the exhaust manifold. This can quickly cause a fire and thus endanger both the vehicle as well as its crew. Potential hazards like these have to be detected as fast as possible and then fought with an efficient extinguishing agent.

Further characteristics are compact design, low weight, service-friendliness, low maintenance as well as customization options and the integration for different types of vehicles. DND systems thus offer a high level of protection as well as a safe and reliable functioning of the entire fire protection solution. Our strengths include the development, the production with a high level of vertical integration, professional support and services as well as the cooperation with industrial and authority partners. We guarantee safe and efficient extinguishing systems to protect people and machines.


Efficient fire protection is essential for the survivability of man and machine.

DND fire protection systems can be easily installed and retrofitted in all types of military vehicles. They are already in use, cost-efficient and ensure optimum protection against fire.


  • Low installation and service effort
  • Innovative & modular system
  • Approved to MIL-STD 810, 461F and BAM for high reliability and functionality
  • Safety for crew and vehicle
  • Direct and space-saving installation in the engine compartment
  • Low downtime after extinguishing event
  • CanBus interface and automatic monitoring
  • Ensures mobility and operational readiness