Fire Weaver

The Sensor-to-Shooter Network

Real-time tactical collaboration

  • Instantly closes sensor-to-shooter loops

  • Creates a common visual language between all sensors and shooters

  • AI-assisted fire control for more safety and efficiency in combat

  • Open architecture


  • Connecting all sensors and shooters in real-time
  • Common visual language between all sensors and shooters
  • Superior situational awareness via augmentation of shooter optics
  • Automation of decision-making process in complex scenarios
  • Maximizing safety for blue force and non-combatants
  • Open architecture for integration of sensors, shooters and C2 assets
  • MIL-STD-882

Main functionalities:

  • Connection of all sensors and shooters within a single network
  • Collection, filtering and distribution of data of all connected sensors
  • AI-assisted fire control with human-in-the-loop
  • Assignment of optimal shooters for many targets in parallel
  • Awareness of safety zones and Rules of Engagement
  • Independent from GPS but still geo-referenced
  • Automated Target Recognition & Detection (ATR/ATD) based on 2D/3D computer vision
  • Distribution of data via tactical SDR