Weapon station solutions by Dynamit Nobel Defence

EAGLE with Remote Control Weapon Station
EAGLE with Remote Control Weapon Station

Powerful weapon stations, operated under armor protection, are nowadays part of the standard equipment from light escort vehicles up to heavy combat vehicles.

In this sector Dynamit Nobel Defence offers a light (FeWaS 80) and a slightly heavier weapon station (FeWaS 120) which meet all technical and military requirements of today's armed forces. Both stations are technically designed so that they can individually be customized and equipped with sighting systems or laser rangefinders as per the customer´s requirement to fit onto different carrier platforms.

The weapons are gyro-stabilized on the weapon stations and equipped with automatic target tracking so that the operator has the option to automatically pursue a once identified target.

The intuitive handling and operation for soldiers are further technical features of both weapon stations offered by Dynamit Nobel Defence.