RGW 90-Series


Today’s modern infantrymen require handheld weapon systems with less than 10 kg weight, combat ranges of > 300 meters, a weapon length of only one meter and a scalable effect. Scalability should be achievable with a manual setting function, ranging from a minimum to full effect. This puts the soldier in the position to act and if required, to escalate according to the respective situation.

Dynamit Nobel Defence weapons of the RGW 90-series (RGW = Recoilles Grenade Weapon) feature multipurpose warheads with adjustable effects. All of the recoilless RGW handheld weapons can be fired from confined spaces.

A low launch signature, a low blast pressure as well as minimum smoke emission distinguish RGW 90 systems. Also the firmly integrated optical sights and the adaptability of add-on aiming devices such as laser range finders, night vision devices or fire control units are unique features of the RGW family.

This easy and quick upgrading capability increases the capability of a successful first hit for the shooter - particularly at longer ranges under all weather conditions and independent of day or night conditions.

Another important factor for the probability of a successful first hit is the excellent ergonomic balance of the RGW 90-series. This has been tested and proved over many years in field deployment. Due to the identical operability and intuitive handling of these handheld weapons the required training effort is minimized.