Panzerfaust 3-T (Tandem)

High performance against vehicles with add-on reactive armour

Panzerfaust 3-T
Panzerfaust 3-T

The Panzerfaust 3 with its high performing mono-shaped-charge warhead was enhanced by Dynamit Nobel Defence to become the Panzerfaust 3-T (T stands for tandem warhead). This performance improved variant was developed in order to be effective against combat vehicles with add-on reactive armour. The warhead of the Pzf 3-T is designed in such a way that the first of both shaped charges immediately penetrates the add-on armour without initiating the explosive contained therein. Less than one millisecond later, the main charge of the tandem warhead ignites and thereby immobilises the vehicle. The shooter therefore is not exposed to fragments thrown back from a reactive protection element.

The Pzf 3-T is also highly effective against fortified field positions, concrete bunkers and masonry structures. Moreover, the Pzf 3-T can be fired from confined spaces.

The anti-tank handheld weapon has a reusable firing device on which a high quality optical sight is mounted. Further sighting aids can be added, such as night vision devices. With the optional Dynarange fire control unit it is possible to hit moving targets with high hit probability at ranges up to 600 metres.

Pzf 3-T with the standard firing device
Pzf 3-T with the standard firing device
Technical Features
Technical Features
Caliber 110 mm
Weight 13.3 kg
Length (in firing mode) 1.2 m (1.3 m)
Effective range 18 m to 400 m1)
  • Compatible with the standard firing unit
    and Dynarange fire control sight
  • Interface for night vision devices and aiming devices
  • Can be fired from confined spaces

1) 600 m with Dynarange fire control sight